Class Rules

The Young 88 Owners Assocation has appointed within the committee a 'Measurement and Rules Committee' who:

  • Are responsible for, maintaining, understanding and knowing the Young 88 Class Rules, plans and measurement forms.
  • Examine any proposal from a Member for amendments or interpretations.
  • Maintain class register for boat locations, alterations and other measurement details
  • Maintain close liaison with both Yachting New Zealand and World Sailing and request interpretations from either body as considered advisable.
  • Make recommendations to the Annual General Meeting.
  • Ensure the appropriate standards are met on an ongoing basis by sailors and builders/suppliers of equipment. 

The current members of the Technical Committee are:

  • Chairman: Chris Macindoe

  • Grant Crawford

  • Gavin Haslip

  • Leigh Miller

  • Joe Hargraves

Class Rules Attached Below

Measurement Request Form

Technical questions for the committee

Class Rules to be Read in Conjunction with:

Yachting NZ Safety Regulations