Past Presidents

Year Name Boat
2024-Now Gary Fowler Paddy Wagon
2019- 2024 Mike Leyland War Machine
2017-2019  Phillip Rzepecky Medium Dry
2008-2017  Grant Crawford Crowded House, Legless
2001-2007 Ross Masters Outlandish, Outrageous
1996-2000 Graeme Duncalf Flash Gordon
1993-1996 Grant Turnbull 88% Proof
1992-1993 Revel Arlington Kunjar
1991-1992 Martin Wyle Smokey and the Chiorboys
1990-1991 Kevin Glover After Hours
1989-1990 Fiona Taylor Young Jim, Babe
1988 Geoff Land Outlandish
1987 Bob Glen Dynamo
1986 Rob Irwin First Class, La Quintessence
1985 Trevor Parr Joint Venture
1982-1984 Best Intentions Best Intentions
Pre 1982 Innercircle Inner Circle