Harken Young 88 Nationals Handy Reminders

Published Mon 04 Mar 2024

T - 2 work weeks.  Volunteers have been beavering and entries herded. Looking like 20 - 24 boats, which is great for the class profile and will be best since a long time pre covid (2013 had 21 boats 2009 27). Refer to the sheet at this link to view entry status.

A few reminders for that campaign check list to help you and help the volunteer organisers:

  1. Enter and pay if not done already


    • Please excuse the detail. All national events are sanctioned by YNZ and they have plenty of requirements

    • If you are missing info leave as  TBC" and come back and update before registration

    • Late entry fee applies after “23:59 hrs on 4th March 2024”

  2. Ensure your sails are measured as recorded by official measurers stamp on tack 

  3. Ensure you have read the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions and checked out the useful links:

  4. If you need crew:

    1. Put a note on the Nationals WhatsApp group. Contact organisers for an invite

    2. Check out the 50 plus experienced sailors on MySail by seärching Auckland" (you may need to subscribe)

    3. Refer to the ad hoc list of sailors.  We're about to send the form to clubs with relevant training schemes and anywhere else appropriate

Any questions please refer to Y88 Association event organiser  Gary Fowler - Paddy Wagon, ph 021 609 285 or any member of the Committee