Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Young 88 Owners Assocation Membership

Boat Owners/Helmsmen need to be a financial member of the Class Association to participate in association organised events events - Sprints, Owners Championships, National Championships etc and to be eligible to vote at class Annual and Special General Meetings.

Reasons to Support the Y88 Owners Assocation

  • There’s nothing quite like racing alongside other Y88s. Coordinating these events and communications take time, and time is the one resource most owners don’t readily have. The Class Assocation manages ongoing communications via email, website and social media, enabling owners to easily engage at whatever level they wish without having to organize on their own.
  • Strong owner associations add value to owners and help preserve and enhance the resale value of boats. We hope you’ll keep your Young 88 forever, but in case not, we want you to get both the most out of it and the most for it.

Membership of Young 88 Owners Association offers a range of benefits. These include:

  • Access to regular email newsletter updates from the Young 88 Owners Association
    (addressing: up-coming events, tips and hints to improve skills, and regatta review)
  • Eligibility to compete in Young 88 National and Owners Championships

Membership fees are applied to assist the Young 88 Owners Association to fund the following:

  • Promotion, development, and maintaining the Young 88 One Design Class status in New Zealand and Internationally.
  • Subsidise additional judging and on water support for selected major regattas and events.
  • Meeting the costs associated with conducting the National Championships including the provision of trophies and prizes.
  • Administer the affairs of the Association including compliance fees, insurance, website maintenance and other administrative costs

The association aims to bolster funds through securing sponsorship. Our aim is to maintain reserves sufficient to
aid in the ongoing development of the class in New Zealand and overseas. Much of the hard work undertaken to create the opportunities provided by association is performed by a hard-working committee who generously donate their time.

The membership year operates from January 1st to December 31st.

Please select your option of membership below and submit details. After submitting membership, you will receive a confirmation and invoice from the association. Note the questions with red asterisk are compulsory. Your details will be securely recorded online, and a notification sent to the association secretary to advise that there is a renewal to process.


Membership Fees Fee
Ordinary Membership (Boat Owners/Helmsperson) (Early bird discount of $5 if paid before 31st January) $70.00
Associate Membership (Interested/Crew Member - No Voting Rights) $15.00

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